Online infographics tool review

Online infographics tool review

By Jessi Mitchell

Examples courtesy of respective sites

Piktochart –


  • There are many options: infographic, report, poster, presentation
  • Some template options, so you don’t have to start from scratch unless you want to
  • Trendy designs
  • Tools are easy to use and self-explanatory, but there is a “tour” to show you around
  • Every template is customizable
  • You can upload your own photos
  • Some animation features

  • You have to make an account, BUT it’s free and keeps your stuff organized
  • With a free account, you can only download creations as a .png or .jpeg (but you can always export as pdf after downloading)
  • With free account there is a water mark at the bottom of the downloaded graphic, but you can crop out
  • The free account is a little limiting, but upgrade options are available to purchase



















Infogram –


  • Was told to use this app/website in Lisa’s 550 class a couple of years ago
  • Has a wide selection of charts, graphs and maps
    • Bar, pie, column, line, area, scatter, bubble, pictorial, pyramid, table, gauge, wordcloud, treemap…
  • Customizable
  • Some animation features

  • Have to make an account
  • You can’t download infographics on a free account, but you can share and embed
  • You insert your data in a spreadsheet type thing, which may confuse some people or may be awesome for some people


Infographic by Jessi Mitchelll


















Canva –


  • Easy 30-second tutorial on how to work the site, but holy balls is it easy
  • You can download anything as a .jpg, .png and .pdf for standard or print
  • You can share or embed
  • Lots of options compared to other infographic websites
    • You can also create your own
  • Trendy themes
  • You can upload your own stuff

  • Have to make an account
  • The color customizations are fairly limited





















  • The easiest to use out of all options
  • Theme options, but they are specific
  • Can change background colors, shapes, text
  • Can upload own images
  • You can share, embed and download as .jpg

  • Have to make an account
  • No animation features
  • Very specific themes
  • Does not recognize special characters like é
  • You can only download as .jpg with free account






















Venngage –



  • Super easy to use
  • Ton of clipart or “Pictograms” to choose from
    • Shapes, symbols, animals, brands, logos, buildings, people, music…
  • Can upload own images
  • Customizable, trendy themes   

  • Have to make an account
  • Can’t download from a free account, but you can share and embed online