From your portfolios page, go to Tools > Export You can choose what to export. (It is recommended you choose all content.) You will be prompted to download a file. You should save this .xml file in a safe location that you can access as needed. Next, you will need […]

Export your site

Premiere Pro timeline
  Part of Jschooltech training on using Premiere Pro Table of Contents: 00:43 – Using track select to move tracks before insert 00:53 – Using insert to insert clip and move items in timeline 01:23 – using overwrite to put material on existing material in timeline 02:01 – Using shift […]

Working in the Premiere Pro Timeline

  Download an interactive PDF of Complete WordPress Training: WordPress Tutorial Interactive PDF Go to the WordPress page to find a full listing of WP tutorials Formatting a Post WordPress One of the best choices you can make for themes and posts are to choose ones that allow you only display […]

Formatting a Post in Your WordPress Portfolio

Download this tutorial as a pdf: how to import and edit with premiere pro Uploading Files Determine what kind of camera you used to film for your project. This document has been written to accommodate the JVC and CanonHD cameras we check out in regard to filming, editing, and exporting of […]

How to Import and Edit with Premiere Pro

Audacity is an easy to use free-ware audio editing program. When would you use audacity? Anytime you are doing a voice over or a radio ad or a podcast, this is a great tool. You can export the audio as an mp3 to stand alone OR to be imported into Premiere […]

Basics of Audacity

When to Resize Resizing needs to occur if image is larger or smaller than video frame. Note in example below that the image in Project Pane is smaller than what we see in Project Bin. Begin resizing by selecting the clip in the timeline. 1. First, open the Effect Controls Panel […]

Resizing Stills in Premiere

Why does my print not look right? This is one of the more common questions we get at JSchoolTech and the reasons for issues with printing can come from a variety of sources. If the issue is with your images, you will want to read our FAQ on Resolution. Beyond that, […]

FAQ: Printing

One of the services JSchoolTech offers is individual appointments. These sessions could be long-range focused on skill building or short-range focused on finishing an upcoming project. If you need an individual appointment for an upcoming project email in advance of your deadline to schedule an appointment. It is helpful […]

Individual Appointments

Students can reserve cameras in Dole. If you need a quick instruction on how to get started, check out this handy tutorial.

Learn to use a JVC Camera

The first JTech Friday for the spring encouraged students to polish their resumes, LinkedIn Profiles and online portfolios. Steve Rottinghaus, career and outreach coordinator, and Heather Lawrenz, digital media specialist, led the session. The objectives were to : recognize good/bad choices in resumes apply tips on resume content and appearance […]

Resumes, LinkedIn and Online Portfolios

Resolution and quality of photos is a frequent concern for many students. This is usually phrased as: Why does my photo look bad? Why is this image fuzzy? Hopefully this little FAQ will give you some suggestions for improving image quality and give you some resources to get started with […]

FAQ: Resolution

Using buttons to creative interactive slideshow 1. Select the image 2. Using the buttons and forms panel, click the new button icon 3. Name the button (best practice is to describe the image) 4. Check Hidden Until Triggered 4. Select the associated text 5. Using the buttons and forms panel, […]

Using buttons to creative interactive slideshow